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Bashara and Mariana from Beta-I participated in the jury for the selection of Season 7 startups in May 2015. Their presence in the Jury brought strong international expertise to the selection process. It also enabled us to share best practices about startup selection, startup acceleration and open innovation programs at NUMA.
Elise Nebout, Global resources strategy, NUMA
I did a Staff Exchange with Beta-I in Lisbon in February 2015 and welcomed Pedro Rocha-Vieira, the CEO of Beta-I in NUMA in December 2015. Each Staff Exchange was particularly constructive: we shared best-practices on the internationalisation of acceleration programs (80% of Lisbon Challenge startups come from abroad) and shared our experience at transforming into a for-profit organisation. Over the course of various Staff Exchanges and startup exchanges, we have built a very strong relationship with Beta-I based on trust and mutual respect.
Frédéric Oru, COO and International Director, NUMA
NUMA was a great host for my Staff Exchange. They took me in as “part” of the team and I was able to get hands-on experience on how they do things. Staff made time to sit down with me for chats so I could understand in detail what and how they work. We were able to bounce back ideas on best practices, possible ways to address problems, future collaborations. At a stage when we were planning the program for our own hub back in Lisbon, it was very important to see how NUMA runs their HQ and how they manage partnerships with corporates.
Bashara Hinnawi, Program Director, Beta-
In February 2015, I did Staff Exchange Beta-I. The objectives were to understand better their organization and dive into their different programs for startup, from pre-acceleration, acceleration and verticals. I was inspired by their ideas to build customized programs according to the startup needs, and have learnt a lot in terms of processes.
I also wanted to get insights about their international strategy, how they are building partnerships all over the world, participating to global events, and organizing roadshows that enable them to get great visibility and become one of the recognized European actors.
Of course, we have also identified many opportunities and strategies of collaboration through all our business lines, and we are still working on them today.
Aviva Markowicz, International Strategy Manager, NUMA
I visited F6S in October 2015 because I believed it was an interesting partner to speak with considering my role in H-FARM as leader in the “Startups Selection” Phase for the H-FARM Acceleration Programs. I use F6S for many daily activities. Spending some days with them was very useful for me in order to learn more about F6s’ features, new solutions, insights and best practices adopted by the other Accelerators.
Marco Pavan, Business Analyst, H-Farm
When we came up with the idea of Staff Exchange we could not have imagined how valuable it would become. Staff Exchange has ignited change at Beta-i. With what we have learned from other Accelerators in the program and with the relationships we built with them, we implemented important changes both at operational and strategic level. As an example, together with NUMA we identified and opportunity and are working to implement a global resource sharing program. We look forward to welcome at Staff Exchanges at Beta-i.
Ricardo Marvão, Co-founder, Head of Global Resources, Beta-i
As part of a Staff Exchange, I attended NUMA’s Demo Day, season 6, in October 2015.
I was able to get in touch with talented entrepreneurs coming out of NUMA’s Acceleration Program. I also spent some time with staff at NUMA discussing our views with regards to the industry, exchanging experiences and best practices. The overall experience was greatly useful for my role of Investment Manager.
Pietro Pollichieni, Investment Manager, H-Farm
So far I’ve been involved in two Staff Exchanges: Lisbon (December 2014) and Paris (May 2015), both with excellent results on different areas. Knowing how Beta Start is structured helps to understand the approach for teams with no product-market fit yet. During my time at Beta-i I learned about the different programs they run and brought some of the best practices i saw back into our own programs at Tetuan Valley.

In Paris, I participated actively in the selection process of the NUMA accelerator. They introduced changes in the program and started accepting few startups in very early stage, which is the main area of expertise of Tetuan Valley. Besides the opportunity to understand their programs, Staff Exchange was a chance to work on identifying and defining future collaborations such as sharing mentors, encouraging our startups to apply for the programs and others.

Karel Escobar, Rockanrolla Strategist, Tetuan Valley
Staff Exchange at NUMA was an opportunity to strengthen collaboration between our two organizations. Taking part in the selection process for NUMA’s accelerator gave me valuable insights and ideas for improving our own selection process at Beta-i. We’ve since implemented important changes to our processes inspired by Staff Exchange.
Mariana Santos, Scouting & Product Manager, Beta-i
My Staff Exchange at NUMA in December 2015 was an intense couple of days. Within that short period of time I met with the CEO, Head of Strategy, Head of International, Acceleration, Innovation and Investment. We had valuable talks on strategy, team management, operations, international partnerships and also off course on acceleration and innovation processes. It was great to have the opportunity to learn from NUMA on how they went for-profit and to help them with their strategy for internationalization through our experience working with foreign mentors and startups.
Pedro Rocha Vieira, Co-founder & CEO, Beta-i

Our growing network

In 2013, 5 accelerators from 5 different European countries came together, sponsored by the European Commission, to share best practices and exchange experiences in an industry that was just being born. At different stages of development and operating in ecosystems with different challenges, these 5 accelerators were themselves able to accelerate through collaboration with each other.